Internet Seafarers Database (iSDB)
Brings Employers and Seafarers closer together !

Dear Seafarer,

We are proud to introduce to you the Internet Seafarers Database (iSDB). This is an Internet based database of sea personnel and maritime companies. It is designed to help both employers and job seakers to meet their interests for mutual benefit.

Publish your profile
The iSDB gives you the opportunity to publish your profile as a seafarer. It will be accessible to Shipping Companies all over the world. The informatin is structured in such a way that allows employers to search the database by criterias. This makes it easier and faster for them to find a person that meets their requirements.

If you are a Second Office looking for employment on dry cargo vessels for a salary no less than USD 2500.- and duration of contract no more than 6 months, you can specify this with your registration. When an Employer is searching for a Second Officer on dry cargo ships and offers accepable salary and duration of contract -- your profile will be displayed to him.

How does it work
This is how the iSDB can help you contact an Employer and find a job...

  • You must register as a seafarer by filling in the registration form.
  • Your profile will be displayed to Employers who search the iSDB.
  • An Employer who is interested in you can leave a message for you in the iSDB.
  • The next time you log in to iSDB you will see the message and can contact the employer.
  • You can also authorize the Employer to see your contact details so that he can contact you.
  • Once you have establised a contact with the Employer you can negociate eventual employment directly.

    Fresh data only
    The iSDB will maintain only fresh profiles of seafarers in the database. When you register your profile will be available to Employers for 5 days only. If you want to keep your profile active you need to login to the iSDB at least once every 5 days and revalidate it. This is to ensure any Employer that may be interested in you that your profile is relatively fresh. When your profile expires it will not be deleted from the database. The data will be kept for as long as 1,5 years. If you wish to revalidate your profile at later time and make it available for Employers to see, all you need to do is login to iSDB and revalidate it.

    Your personal data is protected
    Your personal information, such as full name, address and contact details, will not be available for anyone to see. When an Employer is searching the iSDB he will be shown your initials, year of birth, nationality, expected salary and duration of contract, passports and certificates and sea service (without the dates of signing on/off) but not your personal data. However, the information will be sufficient enough for an Employer to decide if he is interested in you.

    Search for Job Offers
    You can search the iSDB for job offers published by Employers. You do not need to register to do this. Click on JOB OFFERS and select rank and type of vessel you are interested in. The iSDB will display all job offers which match your criteria. Next you need to do is simply contact the Employer.

    Search iSDB
    You can try the SEARCH property of iSDB to get an idea of other registered seafarers. You can specify search criterias in the same way an Employer would do. However, you will be able to see only limited information from the profiles.

    Free of charge
    Please take a note that iSDB does not charge neither the Seafarers nor the Employers for its sevices. It has been created with the only purpose to help the seafarers and the maritime industry. It is absolutely free to use.

    Should you need more information about the iSDB check the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) or e-mail us at Please also take a moment to read our Terms and Conditions before you register. You can REGISTER with iSDB from here.

    With our warmest regards...
    Internet Seafarers Database Team

    Copyright ? 2004 iSDB

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